Casella USA unveils airborne particulate monitor

Casella USA, has unveiled the Microdust Pro airborne particulate monitor.

Offshore staff

AMHERST, New Hamsphire -- Casella USA, has unveiled the Microdust Pro airborne particulate monitor.

The portable, hand-held monitor assesses concentrations of suspended matter in a sensitivity range of 1µgm -3 to 2500 mgm -3. In addition, it is the first such instrument capable of graphically presenting variations in dust concentration on a real-time scrolling graph directly on the LCD screen, eliminating the need to analyze results on a PC, according to Casella.

The Microdust Pro features an internal logger capable of storing up to 15,700 data points over 32 separate runs. Intervals can be set from two seconds to every ten. Users can select to record values of average, spot, or minimum and maximum concentrations over the logging period.

Another feature is the optical calibration filter that comes with every unit. This allows the user to bring the instrument back to its "as delivered" condition at any time out in the field and is traceable to national standards ensuring a chain of quality for all measurements.

Data from the Microdust Pro can be downloaded to a PC or printer using an RS-232 interface cable. The included WinDustPro Windows-based software lets technicians create an instrument profile for specific repetitive uses, as well as to recover data sets, produce line graphs based on historical data, or to develop tabular and report presentations of files.


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