Enventure unveils SameDrift drilling liner

Enventure Global Technology has completed qualification testing of its SameDrift technology.

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HOUSTONEnventure Global Technology has completed qualification testing of its SameDrift technology.

This is a drilling liner with an industry standard drift diameter that matches the previous casing string run in a well.

The company installed the solid expandable system in a test well to verify the functionality of all its components together in drilling fluid and to drill out the expanded shoe with industry standard size tools.

Enventure adds that it has incorporated experience from more than 1,800 installations of expandable systems to improve resilience and reduce complexity of the new SameDrift single diameter product.

President and CEO Alastair McClean said the new technique offers “a simple and reliable solution for operators facing challenging wellbore conditions because it provides features and capabilities that were not previously available, including the ability to rotate and reciprocate the liner to help work it to setting depth and to improve cement job quality.”

SameDrift expands solid steel tubulars using its proprietary expandable shoe and CLEAR cone design to leave no part of the liner unexpanded. This, the company claims, makes it relatively straightforward to drill ahead into the next hole section.

The openhole liner system ties back to casing without the loss of internal diameter, providing a continuous drift, while the openhole clad system isolates a trouble formation in the well without anchoring back into existing casing and provides the same drift below the previous casing with lengths from a single joint to more than 1,000 ft (305 m).

Enventure expects to install the first commercial 12¼-in. SameDrift system this summer. Currently the technology is available for use with casing sizes below 13⅜-14-in., but the company is working on an 8½-in. version, with more sizes to follow.


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