Trelleborg unveils new boat landing systems maintenance service

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has launched a new maintenance service for boat landing systems.

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TRELLEBORG, Sweden– Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has launched a new maintenance service for boat landing systems (BLS). The new offering is designed to identify degradation in BLS performance before it has the potential to cause damage to an offshore platform and a berthing vessel’s structural integrity, which can result in huge costs and downtime.

The company said that because they are often used for projects in remote locations, it is imperative that BLSs are robust and reliable. The new maintenance service includes an annual survey designed to check the BLS for cracks on the rubber surface, de-bonding, permanent deformation and corrosion. With this analysis, Trelleborg can identify degradation in performance before it could become a problem for the platform.

JP Chia, engineering manager withinTrelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “BLS comes under general inspection during routine maintenance schedules of the entire platform, a task that is usually carried out by a maintenance contractor. However, if not surveyed accurately, cracks on the rubber surface of the eccentric bumper ring, de-bonding of the rubber and pipe, deformation and/or corrosion can go undetected, potentially resulting in costly remedial repair and even replacement of the BLS.

“Offshore platform operators and contractors can reduce the degradation risks often associated with boat landing systems by working directly with an experienced product manufacturer. By doing this, contactors and operators can be sure the BLS in situ is reliable, tailored to the demands they are likely to face and importantly, perform for the long-term. After all, no one knows the product like a manufacturer.”


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