OTC 2018: Mooring connector broadens rig move options

InterMoor has introduced the Inter-M Release mooring connector.

Inter-M Release mooring connector
Inter-M Release mooring connector

Offshore staff

HOUSTONInterMoor has introduced the Inter-M Release mooring connector.

Acoustic release mooring connectors allow a rig’s mooring legs to be released remotely and immediately, should emergencies or severe weather arise, or alternatively to save time and money during rig moves.

The new system, the company claims, is one-quarter of the weight of, and occupies one-third of the deck space needed by, other acoustic release connectors.

Its control system, developed withTeledyne Marine, employs military-grade, high-fidelity Teledyne Benthos acoustic modems, and implements domain key authorization, network relay and frequency hopping techniques.

These, InterMoor says, ensure the mooring connectors are unaffected by obstructions or conflicting noise and eliminate the possibility of an inadvertent release, with the potential to actuate the connector individually, in clusters, or sequenced in any order.

Battery life is five years, compared with 18 months in old acoustic release connectors.

Currently the system is undergoing DNV and ABS class certifications.


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