CapRock launches remote video streaming service

Caprock has launched a new remote video streaming service.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON -- Caprock has launched a new remote video streaming service. According to the company, the service is ideal for diving support businesses and marine contractors or companies needing the capability to monitor remote areas such as equipment depots and protected site entrances and exits.

The remote video streaming service enables experts to conduct remote assessment and problem diagnosis without leaving their offices. Customers have a choice between standard, enhanced, and premium video streaming packages that provide different options in image size and clarity. Standard service users can also upgrade to the enhanced or premium package for short-term needs of a specific job and then return to the standard service once the job is completed.

"CapRock has been providing video services for customers with ROV operations for several years," says Randal Neck, Caprock's VP of global marketing. "With the new service, clients are able to see continuous real-time streaming video of the monitored facility, rather than rapid image snapshots provided by the previous service. This gives clients a true visual link into the operation as if they were on-site, even if they are located hundreds of miles away."


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