Aqueous introduces new separation technology

Aqueous Recovery Resources has introduced a new separation technology.

Offshore staff

BEDFORD HILL, US -- Aqueous Recovery Resources has introduced a new separation technology. The Suparator system incorporates a three-step separation mechanism involving no moving parts or media.

Collection: Water and oil enter the first compartment, where, ultimately, only water gets sucked out through an opening at the bottom. The design ensures that any amount of oil, even small traces, gets collected.

Concentration: The oil, still containing some water and chemicals, gets concentrated into a floating layer of considerable thickness, while water and chemicals migrate toward the interface and re-enter the water flow. The oil is then further concentrated to force water and chemicals out to yield an oil-only layer.

Separation: The upper fraction of the accumulated floating layer gets skimmed off, isolating pure oil. Finally, this "dry" (typically less than 1% free water) oil is separated and ready for downstream refining or storage.

A number of valves are mounted across the fluid channel so that the major part of the flow passes underneath and a smaller portion passes overhead. Several "wings" are used to progressively shear off more oil and reduce water content. Since the interface layer does not have the same specific gravity as oil, dirt and other unwanted foreign objects get removed before they settle into the water tank and require detergents or maintenance.


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