Caledyne introduces new balance pump

Caledyne has unveiled a new balance pump.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK – Caledyne has unveiled a new balance pump. The hydraulically actuated reciprocating low volume pump can be used to lift oil. It also can remove water from gas producing wells as part of the company’s deliquification offering. The pump is operated by two hydraulic lines - one filled with oil, the other with water.

The differential hydrostatic pressure between water and oil moves the pump’s internal piston downwards. The application of pressure to the oil line drives the piston upwards, lifting the water trapped above the traveling check and drawing water into the lower chamber. Removing the pressure from the hydraulic line allows the water line to return the piston; pressure is then reapplied to the hydraulic line.

The pump’s metalwork is constructed from corrosion-resistant steel and dynamic seals are non-elastomeric to combat high hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide concentrations.


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