Seismic imaging/monitoring

CiDRA Corporation has developed fiber optic sensor systems suitable for permanently installed time-lapse borehole seis-mic applications.

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Th 6011os19
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CiDRA Corporation has developed fiber optic sensor systems suitable for permanently installed time-lapse borehole seis-mic applications. Multi-component, multi-channel systems are being designed for reliable operation in high temperature and high-pressure down-hole environment. Features for the system include a 100% optical sensor, no downhole electronics, and the system is intrinsically safe with a long projected lifetime at high operating-temperatures and pressures. The system operates to 15,000 psi at 175 degrees C and uses hydrophone and multi-component accelerometers.

Interventionless flow control

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Baker Oil Tools' HCM™ remote Controlled Hydraulic Sliding Sleeve combines the company's CM™ Sliding Sleeves with the protection and remote control capabilities of its T-Series™ Safety Valves to provide reliable, interventionless flow control in high-angle, extended-reach, and multilateral and other wells where intervention is risky, costly, or impossible. The sliding sleeve is opened and closed remotely, from the surface, via dual hydraulic control lines that enable repeated actuation.

Carrier fluid

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ArivaSol uses entirely new technology for oilfield drilling and production applications. Based on a novel understanding of structure-activity relationships, this new technology offers solvency equivalent to aromatics and physical properties that in many instances improve performance over conventional solvents. The fluid is biodegradable, non-fish-tainting, non-bioaccumulative, and offers very low aquatic toxicity.

Completion unit filter

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Greig Filters, Inc. introduces the GFI 1300 sq ft DE precoat filter package. The model 54 D/DC* 1300 BP precoat filter skid includes two 650 sq ft DE filters, dual 30 cartridge filters, 80 hp diesel engine, Gorma-Rupp pump, and blender. The small footprint (19 ft by 8 ft by 9 ft) and high rate-volume are two features that make this unit stand out. The completion fluid filter is used in conjunction with high-rate displacements, gravel packs and fracs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sensing technology

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Sensa's new fiber-optic based sensing technology provides reliable and accurate down-hole measure-ment of what's act-ually happening in an oil or gas well. The information is available continuously and in real-time, which means that a drilling company can make better and more robust decisions, ultimately leading to better reservoir management and optimized performance. The core of the Sensa system is optic fiber, which provides 100% reliable information.

Well seismic data

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PipeSeis™ data acquisition service in highly deviated wells is a proven service of CGG Borehole Services Division, which allows three component well-seismic data to be acquired within the drill-pipe. The geophone receiver is deployed on standard seven-conductor wireline, but the downhole equipment has been modified so that it can be pumped to the bottom of the well inside the drillpipe using the mud circulating system. Where well trajectory and hole conditions allow, a dual receiver operation will reduce single receiver acquisition time by a third.

Logging system

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Halliburton's RMT Elite is a slim-hole pulsed neutron logging system for monitoring and managing the production of hydro-carbon reserves. This through-tubing carbon/ oxygen system has 2-3 times higher measurement resolution than other systems. Its high-density bismuth germanium oxide detectors let the RMT Elite achieve resolutions previously available only with larger diameter systems. The RMT Elite can be conveyed into a well with tubing completions unlike larger diameter systems that can only log through casing.

Motor components

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R&M Energy Systems, a unit of Robbins & Myers, Inc. offers MoynoRegistered Power Sections, rotor-stator hyd-raulic motor elements to use with downhole positive displacement motors. Moyno Power Sections include slimhole, perfor-mance-extended, air-drill, and short-radius models, including many with oversized stators for hot-hole applications. Moyno Power Sections offer a broad range of flow rates, speeds, torques, lobe configurations, stages, and materials.

Deepwater control system

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Digilog Services Ltd has developed an electronic control system for applic-ations such as subsea inter-vention tooling, designed for 9,840 ft depth standards. Unlike conventional systems, the Digilog system distributes the electronics into discreet compact modules, which are linked on a 'multi-drop' type connection. All modules are provided with a processor, which communicates with the CAN bus protocol, widely used by automotive and medical electronic manufacturers. The advantage of the protocol in subsea applications is the method of message distribution by using the maximum available bandwidth.

Innovative Data Software

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The iVision software from Smartcore Systems Inc., a joint venture between ABB and PanCan-adian, converts large volumes of data into information, which allows engineers and operators to make quicker informed decisions, significantly cutting operating costs. An engineer in Grand Prairie, a production analyst in Lloydminster, and an optimization specialist in Houston can work collaboratively with real-time information from their own offices on a specific field to maximize production.

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