New digital fiber-optic gyroscope designed for subsea and marine use

Oct. 21, 2022
Advanced Navigation has released its Boreas D70 fiber-optic gyroscope inertial navigation system for surveying, mapping and navigation across subsea, marine, land and air applications.

Offshore staff

SYDNEY, New South Wales  Advanced Navigation, a developer and manufacturer of AI-powered navigation systems, has released its Boreas D70 fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) inertial navigation system.

The D70 is the latest release in the Boreas digital FOG series. The technology is well suited to surveying, mapping and navigation across subsea, marine, land and air applications, the company said.

Boreas D70 combines closed-loop digital FOG and accelerometer technologies with a dual-antenna RTK GNSS receiver. These are coupled with Advanced Navigation’s AI-based fusion algorithm to deliver accurate and precise navigation.

The system features fast gyro compassing, acquiring and maintaining an accurate heading under demanding conditions. While D70 does contain a GNSS receiver, it is not required for gyrocompass operation. 

Based on digital FOG technology, D70 delivers a 40% reduction in size, weight, power and cost when compared to systems of similar performance.

The technology includes 0.01° roll and pitch, 0.1° secant latitude heading (gyrocompass), 0.01° /hour bias instability and 10-mm position accuracy.

Advanced Navigation's AI-powered navigation systems are used by Lockheed Martin, NASA, Google and Fugro, among others.