Two Harvey Gulf support vessels secure ABS notation

Dec. 2, 2021
The Harvey Blue-Sea and Harvey Sub-Sea have received the SUSTAIN-1 notation.

Offshore staff

NEW ORLEANS – ABS has awarded the SUSTAIN-1 notation to two Harvey Gulf International Marine offshore support vessels.

According to ABS, the notation recognizes how the vessels’ design and operation is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

To earn the notation, the Harvey Blue-Sea and Harvey Sub-Sea were among 12 of the Harvey Gulf fleet evaluated by ABS for their performance against six of the UNSDG’s criteria. The remaining 10 vessels are also being considered for SUSTAIN notations.

The ABS SUSTAIN notations demonstrate adherence to certain UNSDGs related to vessel design, outfitting, and layout that can be controlled, measured, and assessed.

Chairman and CEO Shane Guidry said Harvey Gulf is the first offshore vessel operator in the US to achieve the notation.