New NOIA report to detail positive economic impacts of GoM development

Aug. 10, 2021
Report said to provide detailed analysis of jobs and investments generated by offshore oil and gas.

Offshore staff

WASHINGTON, DC – NOIA says it will soon release a new report that analyzes the jobs and investments generated during the lifecycle of a typical field development project in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Prepared by the firm Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners (EIAP), the report is entitled The Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Project Lifecycle: Building an American Energy & Economic Anchor.

The report is said to provide a detailed analysis of the multitude and diversity of jobs and investments generated by oil and gas projects in the US Gulf. NOIA says that the report models the spending and jobs created by both a shallow-water project and a deepwater project; and that it can be a useful resource for demonstrating “the vast number of high-paying jobs throughout the country supported by GOM activities.”

To demonstrate the offshore project development process, development activities were divided into five major development stages: pre-development; development; operations, infill drilling and tiebacks; and abandonment and decommissioning. Each stage was then further subdivided into more detailed stages to account for the main activities required to identify, develop, operate, and decommission an offshore project. In total, 20 detailed categories of a project’s lifecycle were identified and described.

In conjunction with the study release, NOIA says that it is hosting a webinar on August 12 for NOIA members with Sean Schafer, Managing Partner of EIAP, to review the report's findings. 


Photo by Main Pass Oil Gathering Company LLC, via US Coast Guard
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