Masirah targets further oil prospects offshore Oman

March 10, 2022
Masirah Oil has issued an update on developments at the Yumna field in Block 50 offshore Oman.

Offshore staff

MUSCAT, Oman – Masirah Oil has issued an update on drilling and production developments at the Yumna field in Block 50 offshore Oman.

The company has brought in a new floating storage tanker which should be able to remain on location for several years without the need for dry-docking.

During the recent vessel switch, production was shut-in for 24 days but has since re-started.

A change-out of the Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) is also under way with upgraded facilities to provide greater liquid handling capacity.

After Oman’s monsoon season has started, Masirah plans a new drilling campaign. It is currently selecting a contractor to drill one firm well and one optional well.

The first well will determine the eastern extent of the Yumna field and could then be deepened to test a potentially major prospect in the Khufai carbonate (which is productive in other concessions onshore Oman). If the Khufai prospect is commercial, it could be developed at low cost from the existing Yumna facilities.

As for the optional second well, recent geological interpretation has identified various Yumna analogues and additional Khufai carbonate opportunities. Reinterpretation of gravity and magnetics studies has highlighted potential areas of interest covering the sub-Melange prospects, with the overlying rock seemingly less onerous for drilling.

To exploit these opportunities, Masirah is commissioning a 3D seismic survey covering 15 sq km (5.8 sq mi) using ocean-bottom-nodes, with the program likely to begin in late March.