ARKeX awarded first offshore US exploration permit

July 14, 2015
ARKeX has received the first geophysical exploration permit by the US Bureau of Ocean Management (BOEM).  

Offshore staff

CAMBRIDGE, UK – ARKeX Ltd. has received the first geophysical exploration permit by the US Bureau of Ocean Management (BOEM).  The ARKeX survey will acquire an airborne broadband gravity and magnetic survey over US outer continental shelf blocks offshore the East Coast. It is the first such permit issued for the region in more than 30 years.

The broadband gravity system uses a full tensor gradiometer which will remotely map geological structures, potentially revealing the location of billions of barrels of untapped oil and gas reserves. The ARKeX survey will be acquired in three phases covering nearly 150,000 sq km (5,791 sq mi) between Virginia and South Carolina.

This large, regional survey will provide a wide bandwidth and high signal-to-noise ratio data set which will become a valuable and long lived component of the exploration knowledge base. The measurement techniques employed are completely passive, using no energy source, such that the environmental footprint is only that of a small aircraft.

The new data will be integrated with existing complementary geophysical and geological data including 2D seismic, bathymetry, and satellite imagery to develop geological understanding of the area.

The ARKeX survey will be acquired in anticipation ofBOEM’s five-year US Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas leasing program.  Acquisition is expected to commence 4Q 2015.