Viridien OBN technology to be deployed on seismic survey in North Sea

June 12, 2024
Viridien (formerly CGG) has sold and delivered a GPR300 ocean-bottom node (OBN) for about $20 million.

Offshore staff

PARIS, France — Viridien's Sensing & Monitoring business line has sold and delivered a GPR300 ocean-bottom nodal system for about $20 million.

The technology will be deployed by an unnamed company on an upcoming seismic survey project in the North Sea.

According to Viridien, Sercel GPR nodes’ QuietSeis MEMS technology provides a broadband signal sensing capability, fidelity and quiet performance beyond the capabilities of conventional OBN equipment for subsurface imaging.

The GPR300 can operate in shallow-water depths down to 300 m, and its lightweight design is said to facilitate manual handling, deployment and retrieval.

Note, CGG recently rebranded and changed its corporate name to Viridien.



Courtesy CGG's "Technologies & Solutions Providing unique perspectives on our planet" presentation