Red Sea 3D reimaging project under way

Data from the Red Sea 3D reimaging project will be available before Sept. 15.
Data from the Red Sea 3D reimaging project will be available before Sept. 15.
(Courtesy TGS and WesternGeco)

Offshore staff

ASKER, NorwayTGS and Schlumberger have started a 3D seismic reimaging project in the Egyptian Red Sea.

The project will comprise reimaging data from three overlapping seismic surveys totaling 3,600 sq km (1,390 sq mi) that was acquired between 1999 and 2008. This is said to be the only available 3D data in this part of the Red Sea. It includes the integration of all legacy seismic and non-seismic data and will apply advanced imaging technologies to better define complex subsalt structures.

The project, which is supported by industry prefunding, will be carried out by TGS and WesternGeco, the geophysical services product line of Schlumberger.

The companies said the data will be available before the closing of Egypt’s offshore Red Sea international license round on Sept. 15, 2019.

Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS, said: “The Red Sea 3D reimaging project follows a multi-client 2D seismic acquisition program that was completed in March 2018 as the initial step in mitigating the complex salt imaging challenges in the area.

“The underexplored offshore Egyptian Red Sea area is made up of large, untested structures that offer growth opportunities for oil companies.”

Maurice Nessim, president of WesternGeco, said: “Our comprehensive geological understanding, innovative seismic imaging techniques and full integration of non-seismic methods will define new exploration trends in this frontier basin.

“This collaborative approach will help our clients identify high-potential play segments, assess exploration risks and accelerate hydrocarbon discovery.”

TGS and Schlumberger have a long-term commitment with the Egypt Ministry of Petroleum and South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Co. (GANOPE) to acquire and process seismic data and promote the prospectivity of the Egyptian Red Sea. GANOPE is responsible for managing Egypt’s hydrocarbon resource potential under latitude line 28°.


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