Energy Transformation Strategies Special Report 2023

April 24, 2023
Offshore energy industry's meticulous methods for a sustainable future

The "Energy Transformation Strategies Special Report" first published in the March/April 2023 issue of Offshore magazine.

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Execs share their offshore oil and gas methods for a sustainable future    

By Ariana Hurtado, Editor and Director of Special Reports

page 48

Offshore renewables and the UK oil and gas industry’s energy transition   

By University of Aberdeen

page 50

E&P company Neptune Energy puts heavy focus on CCS    

By Ariana Hurtado, Editor and Director of Special Reports

page 52

Offshore industry transitions to renewables and carbon reduction strategies    

By Bureau Veritas 

page 54

Catapulting CCS action for climate change   


page 55

The roadmap to reducing offshore methane emissions    

By Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI)

page 56

Game-changing technology propelling the energy transition    

By Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC)

page 57

Latest trends in vessel technology, emissions monitoring and alternative fuels    

Compiled by Ariana Hurtado

page 58

Software innovations improving offshore efficiencies    

Compiled by Ariana Hurtado

page 60

Case study: Powering floating offshore oil and gas operations is no easy task    

By BW Offshore and IFS 

page 62

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