Magnetic separation in fluid

June 21, 2007
Methods and apparatus for recovering magnetically attractable wellbore casing fragments from drilling fluid

Offshore staff

United States Patent Application: 20070138103
Serial No.: 555910
Series Code: 11
Applicant: Bennett Jones; C/O MS Roseann Caldwell
Inventors: Klatt; Darrell Clarry; (Caroline, AB)
Title: Magnetic separation in fluid
A method for monitoring the condition of well casing by recovering magnetic casing fragments generated during use or modification of the casing from fluid in a vessel having an upper end, comprising: (a) hanging a reusable magnetic separator in the fluid in the vessel, the separator comprising a magnetic body, at least one nonmagnetic end contiguous to the body, an exterior surface spanning the source and nonmagnetic end, and a hanger; (b) retaining the separator in the fluid for a selected period of time; (c) removing the separator from the vessel; (d) urging the casing fragments along the exterior surface of the separator to the nonmagnetic end and collecting them; and, (e) analyzing the collected casing fragments.