Paradigm releases new G&G software solutions

Paradigm has released the Paradigm StratEarth 2009.

Offshore staff

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – Paradigm has released the Paradigm StratEarth 2009. Offered as an add-on to Paradigm SeisEarth, StratEarth provides an integrated geological correlation and cross-section environment for evaluating and assessing reservoirs for better well positioning and field management, the company says.

StratEarth incorporates geologic and seismic data to facilitate advanced workflows that support exploration and development projects from initial interpretation to advanced subsurface modeling. The software suite also enables users to automatically correlate hundreds of wells and quickly detect any inconsistencies between seismic data, petrophysical data, well markers, and geological data in markers positions and orders.

The StratEarth 2009 suite provides users with intuitive interfaces to facilitate common workflow elements and an extensive suite of data analysis tools. StratEarth also offers interoperability with Paradigm SKUA 2009 subsurface modeling software suite, enabling rapid construction of geologically-valid, simulator-ready reservoir models from all available data.

The company has also released GeoDepth Tomography, a grid-based velocity model solution that enables geophysicists to update the largest velocity models developed from complex geologic regimes. Tomography is the newest addition to the Paradigm GeoDepth software suite.

The GeoDepth Tomography solution addresses the computational, interpretational, and acquisitional challenges of updating large and complex velocity models for critical seismic assets. It provides added capacity for handling rich azimuth acquisitions and updating anisotropic parameters in sedimentary layers, the company says.

GeoDepth Tomography leverages the Paradigm high performance computing infrastructure as well as its interpretation solutions to deliver automatic velocity updates. The solution minimizes iteration cycles by combining rich, high quality ray tracing with new tools that automatically reflect surface picking and pre-stack residual moveouts.


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