Omron introduces new control system for drillers

The new automated drilling system is engineered for the drilling contractor and operator in mind.

Omron1 1311off
Omron1 1311off
Omron Oilfield & Marine's new PRECISE control system for drillers.

The new automated drilling system is engineered for the drilling contractor and operator in mind. Omron says the new automated system can drill wells safer and faster, and with less downtime, all from one control and monitoring system. With numerous and versatile features, the PRECISE system can also lower operating costs using its leading AC technology to drill in different applications around the world, the company says.

Omron's standard AC system ships with an advanced set of Ethernet hardware to provide robust communication and security. Third-party integration is further expanded by offering a variety of industrial protocols and Ethernet connectivity into the control system, thus providing remote access to third-party hardware if required.

Both the driller's cabin and the power house are equipped with wireless connectivity using secure wireless access-points. Omron personnel can troubleshoot without wires due to easy access to the control system to assist with technical support and commissioning. All HMI nodes operate independently of each other, meaning the entire rig could be operated from one HMI, if any other HMI fails.

The automated control system features a capacitive technology touch screen with vivid colors, sharp graphics and high speed updates all displayed on the newest monitor designs. The PRECISE System interfaces with the rig tools using remote I/O installed on the drawworks, top drive, mud pumps, and drill floor. The system includes an ergonomic cyber chair design to improve throttle, monitor and other critical control positions for operator comfort and ease of use. A talk back system is integrated into the cyber chair to provide reliable, simple two way voice communications and to enhance safety on the drilling rig.

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