Halliburton introduces new borehole imaging technology

May 13, 2021
Generates high-resolution images to improve formation evaluation.

Halliburton has announced StrataXaminer, a new wireline logging service that helps operators acquire more accurate well data to better evaluate production potential. The tool delivers high-resolution images of the reservoir structure to identify bedding, fracture patterns, fault zones and potential flow barriers with increased accuracy.

Obtaining high resolution images in oil or synthetic-based fluid systems has been an industry challenge for decades. Halliburton says that StrataXaminer has ten different operating frequencies, and customers can select any three frequencies to record simultaneously. This dynamic range allows operators to customize the image quality based on the formation type, fluid system, and record in a single pass.

The tool is available in three versions to optimize the acquisition quality in various size boreholes and can operate in higher pressures than previous technologies. The eight-pad tool provides the greatest borehole coverage as it records data up and down a well, improving data quality and providing more acquisition options on a single run-in hole.