MAN B&W Diesel AG to convert to European corporate form

Feb. 22, 2006
MAN B&W Diesel AG will be renamed MAN Diesel SE after conversion to a European corporate form.

(Europe) - MAN Aktiengesellschaft (AG) is intending to convert its Diesel Engines Business Area into a European company (Societas Europaea) in the course of this year.

MAN B&W Diesel AG in Augsburg will be renamed MAN Diesel SE.

"In a European company, we will think and act on an even more international scale, which is absolutely essential in the face of global competition," explains Håkan Samuelsson, executive board chairman of MAN AG.

A Societas Europaea (SE) is a corporate form under European law.

The corporate center for the new MAN Diesel SE will be located in Augsburg.