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May 1, 2002
Ionics Inc. and Instrument Business Group announces a line of wireless onshore and offshore oil spill detectors called the Leakwise® WL Oil Sheen Monitoring Systems. These detectors use Orbcomm satellite communication and cellular networks to alert operators of oil leaks and spills.

Oil spill detector

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Ionics Inc. and Instrument Business Group announces a line of wireless onshore and offshore oil spill detectors called the Leakwise® WL Oil Sheen Monitoring Systems. These detectors use Orbcomm satellite communication and cellular networks to alert operators of oil leaks and spills. The sensors can detect the presence of as little as 0.3 mm of oil on water. The offshore detector, ID-227, is mounted on a buoy that is built to withstand extreme sea conditions and maintain the sensor's position on the water despite fluctuations due to waves or tide. The buoy also contains a solar panel with rechargeable battery, digital signal processor, transceiver for the bi-directional data link, and antennas for satellite and cellular communications.

Polyurethane coatings

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Hyperlast introduces Syntactic polyurethane coatings to provide both physical and thermal insulation to subsea oil and gas flowlines and risers, field joints, manifolds, and spool pieces. The coatings reduce risk of wax and hydrate formation and guarantee arrival temperatures at the platform. The company claims that glass spheres with polyurethane allow the coating to withstand pressures up to 10,000 ft water depth. The product is able to withstand reel barge, S- or J-laying. Adhesive to raw pipe, it provides corrosion protection, impact strength, durability, and flexibility.

Offshore Pipelines & Umbilicals Report

The World Offshore Pipelines & Umbilicals Report in the World Market series provides an overview of current and future prospects for pipelines and umbilical sectors of the offshore oil and gas industry and 2001-2005 forecasts. The report spans the industry, describing manufacturing processes, corrosion protection and insulation, lay methods and vessels types, connection systems, commissioning, and decommissioning. The report also expands on rigid and flexible, pipe-in-pipe insulated lines and riser systems, both rigid steel and flexible. Control cables include all types used in the industry.

Hydraulic products brochure

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Hydralift published a new technology and product brochure that describes the company's equipment packages; drilling equipment; cranes; cable, pipe, plough handling capabilities; and mooring systems. The brochure lists addresses worldwide and gives a brief history about the company. An index at the back of the brochure allows easy access to brief descriptions of each product. The brochure explains online after-sale services.

One-person submersible

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Deep Marine Technology Inc. invented the DeepWorker 2000, a one person, one atmosphere, tetherless submersible to put a worker at an underwater job site to 2,000 ft water depth. The submersible is equipped with an onboard hydraulic powered, multi-functional manipulator and can work with different subsea tools. Currently, it has logged more than 1,000 hours of work at depths greater than 1,500 ft. It doesn't require the use of a dynamically positioned vessel and can be launched and recovered from different locations.

Pipe and flowline insulation system

J. Ray McDermott and InTerPipe developed a patented pipeline and flowline insulation system named McPIPE™: Long Cooldown System. The system uses a pipe-in-pipe design combining InTerPipe™ insulation material and a phase change material. It is a passive system with cooldown times of at least three days and up to ten days or more, depending on threshold requirements. The phase change temperature is 77° F. During flowing conditions, heat from the produced fluids affects the phase change and maintains the phase change material in a liquid state. In shutdown conditions, the crystallization of the material restores heat to the effluent.

Chemical metering pumps

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YZ Systems introduces a series of high-durability and high-pressure, pneumatically actuated pumps called the LINC 94P Series. The series of chemical metering pumps are the premier pumps in the LINC line because of their reliability and operating pressures up to 15,000 psi. The LINC 94P series chemical metering pump has a range of application in industry where a liquid chemical is injected into a process or pipeline. Installation on offshore platforms is one of the uses.

Biotechnology well treatment

Drilling Specialties Company announces B-Well™, the latest addition to their line of biotechnology products. B-Well was developed as a well treatment additive to reduce and/or eliminate continual dependence on potentially damaging chemicals used every day in field operations. B-Well combines an enhanced mixture of biochemicals for scale, corrosion, and paraffin control. The treatments work by providing long-term results with minimal handling and use restrictions. B-Well is available in 5- and 55-gal containers.

In-tank probe

Caldwell Systems announces an addition of Long Double Barrel Probe to its in-tank probe product line. Designed to fit a range of tanks up to 35-ft in diameter, the Long Probe is used for inventory measurement and can be assembled in the field for use in aboveground and belowground storage tanks. The unit is shipped in 7-ft sections that can be snapped together in the field. The solid state Long Probe uses ultrasonic technology. The in-tank probe level sensor has no moving parts with the exception of the water detection float. All probes have the same characteristics with no field calibration required. The probe is designed to fit into a standard 4-in. riser on top of the tank.

Produced water monitor

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FCI Environmental Inc. introduces the OilSense®-4000 Continuous Monitoring System to monitor produced water for TPH. The OilSense-4000 is designed to use on offshore platforms. Using patented Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS®) technology, the unit provides correlation with the Freon/IR and Gravimetric methodologies. The OilSense-4000 has a 4-20 mA output for control purposes and remote access for monitoring and diagnostics, and uses a built-in sampling system to ensure long probe life whether in crude oil or gas condensate services. It is also compatible with most commercial SCADA systems. The OilSense-4000 has been field tested at both offshore and onshore produced water facilities and takes produced water analysis out of the lab and into the realm of continuous monitoring or process control.