Eni achieves further boost in computing power

Feb. 7, 2020
Eni has unveiled its latest super computer, HPC5.

Offshore staff

FERRERA ERBOGNONE, ItalyEni has unveiled its latest super computer, HPC5.

This supports the previous installed system HPC4, tripling its computing power from 18 to 52 PetaFlop/s, equivalent to 52 million billion mathematical operations/s, also raising Eni’s full supercomputing capability to 70 PetaFlop/s.

The increase, achieved through use of hybrid architectures, should allow the company to speed up development of new energy sources and related processes, such as generating energy from wave power, magnetic confinement fusion, and other climate/environmental technologies developed in collaboration with various research centers.

In addition, Eni said, HPC5’s capability of processing big data and AI should bring further improvement in its work processes, in terms of process safety, better planning of exploration activities, and more precise reservoir simulations.