OTC 2022: ABS presents future visions for offshore support vessels

May 2, 2022
ABS is working with OSV designers and operators on next-generation concepts.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON — ABS is working with offshore support vessel (OSV) designers and operators on next-generation concepts.

Features include the OSVs being carbon-neutral, fully digitalized, with a high level of automation, and configured to provide clear operational visibility and the capability to track vessels, cargo, equipment and people at all times.

ABS provides further details in its publication, Insights into Future OSV Designs and Operations, which launched at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Analysis suggests that future OSVs also will be equipped to serve multiple offshore sectors, offering larger accommodation spaces, heavy-lift cranes, helidecks and streamlined hull forms, to undertake complex support operations.

In addition, operational capabilities could evolve to support offshore wind, carbon capture (transport) and subsea mining. Another concept under review is an OSV "mothership" with a crew, but housing a fleet of autonomous surface vessels, ROVs and AUVs for repair and maintenance, cargo distribution and subsea inspections.

“We are now working with leading OSV designers and operators to deliver on this potential,” said Matt Tremblay, ABS vice president, Global Offshore.