Maersk Supply Service broadens vessel connectivity arrangement

Nov. 19, 2021
Inmarsat has expanded its Fleet Xpress service agreement with Maersk Supply Service.

Offshore staff

LYNGBY, DenmarkInmarsat has expanded its Fleet Xpress service agreement with Maersk Supply Service to include IoT-based ship management connectivity across Maersk’s vessel fleet on separate, dedicated bandwidths.

In addition, Maersk Supply Service can now evaluate new vessel performance tools that are available via Inmarsat’s Certified Application Provider (CAP) program.

The 30-offshore vessel fleet, including anchorhandlers and subsea support vessels, operates in Europe, the Americas, West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Under the company’s Fleet Xpress agreement, connectivity now includes Fleet Connect for digital applications and a commitment to the Fleet Data IoT platform for data acquisition and uploading.

Fleet Data is said to enable digitalization for the full scope of vessel operations, using cloud-based analytics, independent of OEM-specific applications or sensor technologies. Owner-operators can choose which areas will benefit most from predictive analytics and decision-making.

Maersk Supply Service used Fleet Xpress in combination with Fleet Data to assess fuel emissions and ship performance solutions provided via the CAP program. This led the company to adopt SKF Marine’s SKF One Global Cloud platform that provides condition monitoring and remote diagnostics and a proof of concept agreement with Yxney Maritime covering Maress data analytics software for cutting fuel consumption and emissions.