Well intervention tower assembled at Wilton base in Teesside

June 7, 2021
Osbit is constructing a new well intervention tower system for FTAI Ocean.

Offshore staff

RIDING MILL, UK – Osbit is constructing a new well intervention tower system for FTAI Ocean.

According to the company, the Ocean Smart Tower System will facilitate integrated riserless and riser-based well intervention operations on FTAI Ocean’s DP-3 vessel M/V Pride.

The system is now at its full height of 40 m (131 ft), following installation of the top section of the tower on to the lower section.

Lifting took place at Wilton Engineering Services in Teesside, northeast England, where the tower was fabricated. The process involved lifting the top section of the tower by crane and holding it in place on the lower section, while welding was affected.

Final fit-out can now proceed of the hydraulic, control, and electrical components.

The completed system will weigh 1,300 metric tons (1,433 tons) and be able to operate in water depths up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft), supporting well stimulation and integrity and end-of-life activities.

Its vertical Open Water Intervention Riser System (OWIRS) racking system is said to improve deck safety by reducing the need for access around the well center to handle OWIRS joints.

FTAI Ocean’s system is fitted with both guide wire and pod wire systems. These, together with the deck skidding system, are said to minimize the need for crane lifts, with increased operating windows and allowing equipment to be directly loaded into the well center.

In addition, the system offers an active and passive heave compensated platform for building, operation, and recovery of OWIRS, and riser-based or riserless intervention systems in 1,500 m and 3,000 m (4,921 ft and 9,842 ft) of water, respectively.

The heave compensated platform can support coil tubing, slickline and e-line operations and is accessible via an integrated walk to work system. It also incorporates Osbit’s Integrated Logistics Support software, said to provide detailed data insight and asset performance analysis.