AqualisBraemar reaches assessment milestone at offshore Manifa field

Sept. 30, 2019
AqualisBraemar has completed its 1,000th leg penetration assessment.

Offshore staff

LONDONAqualisBraemar has completed its 1,000th leg penetration assessment (LPA).

The company’s conducted the task on Teras Offshore’s self-elevating liftboat Teras Conquest 7, which was alongside the MNIF 5 wellhead platform at Saudi Aramco’s Manifa field.

AqualisBraemar was responsible for marine and geotechnical engineering services for the liftboat move.

An LPA is an analytical study of soil conditions to predict anticipated leg penetrations and the potential risks to jackups during offshore deployments.

Rig owners use the results to devise jackup installation plans and to better understand the structural integrity and capability of jackups installed at specific sites.

“A wrong leg penetration analysis could have serious consequences, such as structural failure of jackup units, instability or even leg damages to the jackup,” said Reuben Segal, COO at AqualisBraemar.