MMA orders mud agitators for Saudi support vessel

Aug. 8, 2019

Offshore staff

SANDE, NorwayMMA Offshore has contracted PG Flow Solutions to supply its PG-Submix 80 hydraulically driven mud agitators to the anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS) MMA Chieftain.

The package, which includes a hydraulic power unit and control system, should allow the vessel to comply with Saudi Aramco’s operational requirements offshore Saudi Arabia.

PG-Submix 80 is a slow-turning, paddle-type propeller that can generate up to 12,400 cu m/hr (437,902 cu ft) vertical primary pump flow.

The agitators will be placed at the bottom of the mud tanks onboard the AHTS to prevent drilling mud and brine from settling at the tank base.

According to PG Flow Solutions, the systems do not leave any ‘blind spots’ in the tank, as the agitator slowly pushes the mud toward the bottom of the tank - where the highest velocity is needed - then up against the walls of the tank.

This ensures drilling mud is kept in continuous suspension.

“Our agitators…ensure that the vessel crew can empty their mud tanks swiftly, without having to worry about build-up of solids causing excessive cleaning challenges, and increased turn-around-time at shore-base,” said Are Hjertvik, vice president of sales.

“This reliability extends the operational window of each vessel…”

MMA Offshore is an Australian contractor that owns and operates a fleet of more than 30 offshore vessels which operate in Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East.