Vallianz to build mono-column platform

July 30, 2019

Offshore staff

SINGAPORECalm Oceans Pte Ltd. has contracted Vallianz Holdings Ltd. to construct the first Mono-Column Platform-Lite (MCP-Lite).

Construction will be carried out at the group’s shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. Delivery is expected in 1Q 2020.

The MCP-Lite is designed for operations in water depths of up to 70 m (229 ft). It is a self-installing, mat-supported jackup, comprising a square hull and trussed column with living quarters and man-riding cranes, and equipped with a water injection module.

Unlike traditional jackups, the MCP-Lite does not require pre-loading, which is said to result in more efficient operation and reduced risk during installation and jacking operations.

It is also optimized to operate on soft seabeds as the large mat is said to provide secure foundation support and mitigates the risk of punch-through.

Like the Mono-Column Platform, the MCP-Lite can be fitted with modular facilities either individually or in combinations to suit the client’s requirements, such as gas processing, production, accommodation and ancillary support system.