OPT introduces modular subsea energy storage system

Aug. 18, 2020
Ocean Power Technologies Inc. has unveiled the Subsea Battery solution.

Offshore staff

MONROE TOWNSHIP, New JerseyOcean Power Technologies Inc. (OPT) has unveiled the Subsea Battery solution.

This is said to be an environmentally friendly lithium-iron phosphate battery system with a nominal storage capacity of 132 kilowatt-hours. It uses the company’s proprietary battery management system which maximizes the amount of energy available for subsea payloads.

The all-steel pressure vessel is designed to ASME standards for a 10-year life and is rated for up to 500 m (1,640 ft) maximum water depth.

The new system is said to provide uninterruptable power for long-term offshore installations requiring electric power, backup or emergency power for short-term missions, and is scalable with multiple units to meet higher energy needs.

George H. Kirby, president and CEO of OPT, said: “The ongoing electrification of subsea assets requires reliable power that can scale to meet the needs of the offshore industry.”

Integration with the company’s PowerBuoy products creates ocean-based autonomous power solutions for subsea oil and gas production systems, aquaculture systems, environmental sensors, and powering ROVs and AUVs.