2024 Remote Inspections and Operations Special Report

Feb. 13, 2024
Offshore's 2nd annual overview of the latest trends in drones, robotics, ROVs/AUVs and remote-controlled operations

Click the link below to download and view the 2024 Remote Inspections and Operations Special Report, which first published within Offshore magazine's January/February 2024 issue.

2024 Remote Inspections and Operations Special Report

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Q&A with Lars Hoier, Aker BP’s senior vice president of Yggdrasil (by Jeremy Beckman)
  • Drone advances keeping up with offshore industry needs (by Ariana Hurtado)
  • Evolution of robotics for use offshore has come a long way (by Ariana Hurtado)
  • ROVs advancing capabilities of compact ocean robotics (contributed by QYSEA)
  • AUV transforms underwater capabilities at scale with adaptive autonomy (contributed by BeeX)
  • USV proves multi-sensor capability in shallow-water UXO survey (contributed by Sulmara)
  • Advantages of ROV and UAV technologies to the energy sector (contributed by Interocean Marine Services)
  • Navigating bandwidth challenges in offshore energy environments (contributed by Harvest Technology Group)
  • Embracing open innovation in ROC workplace design (contributed by Ocean Industries Concept Lab)


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