Remote Inspections and Operations Special Report 2023

June 15, 2023
An overview of the latest trends in drones, robotics, AUVs and remote-controlled operations

Editor's Note: The "Remote Inspections & Operations Special Report" first published in the May/June 2023 issue of Offshore magazine.


  • "The rise of remote operations in the offshore energy industry"   Contributed by Remota 
  • "Autonomous drone technology increasing efficiencies of offshore platform inspections"   Contributed by Skydio    
  • "Transforming offshore operations: The rise of autonomous inspection robots"   Contributed by ANYbotics
  • "Oceaneering executive insights: Remote operations are evolving with ROV/AUV advancements"   By Ariana Hurtado, Offshore    
  • "Advanced ROV vision systems are the future of subsea operations"   Contributed by Voyis Imaging 
  • "Autonomous robots use AI for data collection and intervention services"   Contributed by Nauticus Robotics    
  • "Troubleshooting problems has become a more manageable process"   Contributed by C-Innovation    
  • "Affordable offshore well monitoring lowers P&A costs"   Contributed by Hiber
  • "Remote survey services reducing project carbon footprint, mobilizations and costs"   Contributed by UTEC
  • "Opinion: Nigeria needs to take the leap toward adopting digital twins"   Contributed by James Fisher AIS
  • "AI tools improving HSE, reducing unplanned downtime"   Contributed by SparkCognition  
  • "Examining an evolution in FPSO autonomous operations"   Contributed by ABS

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