CalWave concludes wave energy project off California

Sept. 6, 2022
The project was designed to demonstrate the xWave technology as a sustainable solution for energy generation.

Offshore staff

OAKLAND, CA – CalWave says that it has successfully concluded its open-ocean wave energy pilot after 10 months of continuous operation off the coast of San Diego.

The project, which deployed in September 2021, was supported by a US Department of Energy award with the goal to demonstrate CalWave’s scalable and patented xWave technology as a cost-effective, sustainable solution for energy generation.

Not only does the demonstration represent California’s first at-sea, long-duration wave energy project, but CalWave says that it also serves as a critical step toward proving wave power as a commercially viable renewable resource.

The pilot device, named x1, has now been recovered and decommissioned. Findings will be used to inform CalWave’s next grid-connected deployment, scheduled to occur at the federally-approved, 20-MW PacWave wave energy test site off the coast of Newport, Oregon.

CalWave says that wave energy has been assessed by experts as capable of supplying upwards of a third of global energy demand, yet the development of a viable technology capable of reliably withstanding harsh ocean conditions has been slow to evolve, until now.