TGS, PGS proceeding with latest offshore Canada 3D campaign

May 12, 2022
TGS and PGS have secured pre-funding for their South Bank 3D Phase 2 multiclient project offshore eastern Canada.

Offshore staff

OSLO, Norway — TGS and PGS have secured pre-funding for their South Bank 3D Phase 2 multiclient project offshore eastern Canada.

This will be an extension of their South Bank Phase 1 survey, acquired in 2020. PGS’ Ramform Titan will mobilize later this month for the new campaign, which involves shooting 10,000 sq km (3,861 sq miles) of 3D data.

Acquisition should finish during the first half of September.

“We experience continued exploration interest offshore Canada, and this is the 12th consecutive year of multiclient GeoStreamer data acquisition in the region," said Rune Olav Pedersen, PGS president and CEO. “The South Bank Phase 2 multiclient survey expands our 3D data coverage in the Southeast Newfoundland and will cover acreage included in the 2022 call for bids license round.”

PGS multiclient survey

PGS also expected its Ramform Atlas vessel to start acquisition this week for a large multiclient survey on the northwest shelf of the Norwegian Sea.

“This is the first large-scale multiclient survey we are acquiring offshore Norway since 2020, as we experience increasing demand for high-fidelity MC data from renewed exploration interest among our clients,” said Pedersen. “The Ramform Atlas will acquire approximately 6,000 sq km (2,317 sq miles) of new GeoStreamer data in a second azimuth to existing GeoStreamer multiclient data in the region yielding a dual azimuth product.”

TGS data acquisition projects

TGS, in its latest results statement, has issued highlights of some of its other ongoing offshore projects. Data acquisition continues with partner Schlumberger for Phase 1 of the Red Sea 3D project offshore Egypt, due to be completed this summer.

The Sarawak offshore 3D data acquisition project in Malaysia, a joint venture with PGS and Schlumberger, should complete during the current quarter.

Another consortium comprising TGS, CGG and BGP should wrap up their data acquisition for the Suriname 3D survey in the third quarter, with final data deliveries expected to take place in 2023.

One of TGS’ largest current processing projects is Malvinas 3D in Argentina, which should be completed around mid-year.

Finally, the company expects to commercialize its Wind AXIOM application in the next few months. This aggregates numerous critical data categories for offshore wind, enabling comprehensive benchmarking of current and future lease rounds.