Lloyd's Register

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Lloyd’s Register, Kingswells Causeway
Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells
Aberdeen AB15 8PU, UK

Lloyd’s Register is a technology-enabled global leader, that applies its technical and engineering expertise to help operators and regulators across the energy industry – including oil and gas, wind, solar, wave, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear power – to design, construct, operate and decommission their critical assets, and deliver projects to their highest levels of safety and performance.

We apply our expert solutions and independence, from reservoir to refinery and beyond, to assure the integrity, reliability and success of every aspect of a client’s operations. Helping maximise productivity and recovery, reduce operating costs, mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance with government regulations, industry codes and standards.

We draw on over 250 years of solutions-led thinking and technical innovation to respond to new challenges, while retaining our commitment to independence, integrity and doing the right thing

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