FIRE PROTECTION PFEER rules may loosen shackles on use of composites offshore

R.Evans Health & Safety Executive Last year's new Prevention of Fire and Explosion and Emergency Response (PFEER) regulations have important implications for the use of composites in UK offshore installations. Broadly speaking, in line with Lord Cullen's recommendations, they remove the need to comply with certain old prescriptive requirements, irrespective of whether these are efficient means of managing hazards. Instead, general duties are imposed, the aim being to promote a

The Offshore Installations (Prevention of Fire and Explosion and Emergency Response) regulations and the Offshore Installations and Pipeline Works (Management and Administration) regulations both came into force in the UK last year. Key requirements for offshore operators are to:

  • Protect persons on the installation from fires and explosions.
  • Assess major accident hazards arising from fires and explosions and set performance standards for measures to protect persons from such accidents.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent, control and mitigate fires and explosions and detect fires or events that could lead to a fire or explosion.

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