Oct. 1, 1998
Leslie Bellfore
Houston Well information Through the use of web browser technology, Petris has developed WINDS-Enterprise, a web-enabled data management software system that gives enterprise-wide access to all your well information. WINDS uses a meta-data index, web-based search engines, and powerful data coordination modules so you can load, search for, retrieve, and distribute well information. WINDS accommodates multiple data types an
Leslie Bellfore

Well information

Through the use of web browser technology, Petris has developed WINDS-Enterprise, a web-enabled data management software system that gives enterprise-wide access to all your well information. WINDS uses a meta-data index, web-based search engines, and powerful data coordination modules so you can load, search for, retrieve, and distribute well information. WINDS accommodates multiple data types and has indices to off-line storage facilities. WINDS lists well information by API number, well name and number, operator, total depth, area & block no., data publisher, log digits, log image, log hardcopy, lis files, bit files, dlis files, formation tops, and scout ticket.Circle 50 on Reader Service Card.

Circulation material additive

TXI Energy Services is introducing Pressur-Seal(TM), a man-made, chemically inert, high performance granular lost circulation material additive for drilling fluids and cementing slurries. As a drilling fluid additive, Pressur-Seal(TM) quickly blocks high permeability formations to stop high volume leak-off, minimizing formation damage. Added to either PHPA or lignosulfonate drilling fluids, Pressur-Seal(TM) effectively seals formations to control both spurt and long-term fluid loss. The product can also seal high-pressure, down-hole fractures. As a cementing agent, Pressur-Seal(TM) mechanically bonds to cements, holding its properties at extreme drilling temperatures.Circle 51 on Reader Service Card.

Oilfield control system

Baker Oil Tools introduces the industry's first foundation fieldbus oilfield control system. Multi-Well Network Interface(TM) System (BMW) allows operators to simultaneously monitor and report downhole pressure and temperatures from multiple wells. The system integrates 32-40 Baker Oil Tools pressure/temperature gauge interfaces into a single rack mount system. The BMW modular system is composed of two primary components: a bus controller; and a series of Quad Prime communication cards. Quad Prime cards provide the surface interface for the downhole pressure and temperature gauges.Circle 52 on Reader Service Card.

Corrosion meter

CorrOcean introduces MultiCorr, a portable meter and data acquistion unit capable of reading most types of corrosion porbes, ER, LPR, galvanic, potentiodynamic test and reference electrodes. Stored readings can be downloaded on to a PC using CorrOcean's MultiTrend, a windows-based software for data management. Analyzed data can be displayed and/or shown graphically.
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Bolting tool

Norwolf Tool Works introduces the bolting tool of the twenty-first century- the Missing Link. The tool fits into tightly confined areas where sockets will not fit, but can be driven by any power source whether it be by hand, pneumatic, or hydraulic power. The Missing Link is essentially a torque converter that permits a very accurate transmission of torque from point A to point B as shown above without any gears.
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Pitch and roll sensor

Measurement Devices Ltd, the UK's largest designer and manufacturer of surveying, positioning and navigation systems, have launched the Subsea Trim(R). The deepwater digital pitch and roll sensor has an integral, single chip microcomputer which utilizes electrolytic gravity sensors to determine inclination. The unit's sophisticated electronics compensate automatically for temperature and voltage fluctuations, give calibration data, format and control data output. THe system's output rate is set at about five readings per second in a 12-character ASCII format using standard sign conversion rates. Circle 55 on Reader Service Card.

Trace-heating power

Raychem has developed new electrical trace-heating power connection and splice systems that can be installed in minutes without the need for a heat source. The new cold-applied JBS-100, a single-entry power connection, the JBM-100, a mulitple entry power connection, and T-100 splice, integrate the functions of connection, enclosure, insulation entry and mounting into one kit. The integrated system components are designed to make the installation, operation and maintenance of electrical trace-heating systems simpler, faster and safer.
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Diving gear

Divex, a specialist underwater equipment manufacturing company, has launched a new diving technology that allows safer operation at greater depths and for longer periods under water. The Stealth Combat diving set, available in small and slimline, is a specially adapted version of Divex's range of closed-circuit mixed-gas rebreathers initially manufactured for the military market. After three years of development, the unique and sophisticated technology at the heart of the Stealth diving gear is the dual independent control and monitoring hardware.
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Fall Arrest system

Sur-loc, an internationally recognized manufacturer of fall prevention equipment, introduces the ManSafe(R) cable-based system. The system of shock absorbers, fixed cable and components allows the worker to move horizontally, vertically, long inclines and curved surfaces up to 180° without disconnecting the safety harness. The versatile system can be implemented inthe most demanding environments. The ManSafe(R) component is made of marine grade 316 steel.
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Sand control

Pall has released a new booklet detailing success stories within the oil and gas drilling industry that highlight the use of Pall Stratapac(R) and Stratacoil(R) sand control screens. The booklet explores the use of Pall screens in primary completions and workovers with both gravel packed or non-gravel packed applications. Horizontal, multi-lateral, cased hole, thru-tubing and frac-pac well configurations are included. Application briefs summarize Pall's installation of more than 140,000 ft of sand control screen in over 600 wells around the world.Circle 59 on Reader Service Card.

Fluid sealing

An extensive range of products and capabilities for the new fluid sealing industry is offered in a new six-page brochure from UTEX. Included are details on molded products, engineered plastics, mechanical seals and X-TendaSeal(SM) repairs, U-Pak(R) injectable packing, sheet packing, compression packing and ChemRite(R) maintenance products.Circle 60 on Reader Service Card.

Valve software

Dresser Valve and Controls, a leader in the automated process control industry, introduces the Smart Valve Interface(TM) (SVI[TM]) and ValVue(TM). SVI is an intelligent digital valve positioner and PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) process controller that offers advanced control technology for pneumatically actuated valves, providing higher precision, greater flexibility and ease of use previously unattainable in the marketplace. Additional diagnostic tools provide the capability of evaluating valve performance without disturbing the process function. Circle 61 on Reader Service Card.

Tractor tug

Crowley Marine Services christened the *I*Master, its new Harbor-Class tractor tug this summer. The *I*Master is the first of six newly-designed 105-ft Harbor Class tractor tugs featuring Voith Schneider twin cycloidal propulsion and a hydrofoil-shaped skeg that provides greatly improved steering, control and seakeeping ability when the vessel is running at high speeds in the skeg-first direction. The unique hydrodynamics of the hull result in increased tons of steering and braking force, which are available to assist or control a vessel at higher speeds.
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Well suspension

Cameron has produced a 10-page full-color brochure depicting the features and benefits of the Centric 15 and Centric 15 EX Mudline Wellhead Systems. Both systems have time-proven features including: stack-down configuration, patented wash sleeve design, separate running/tieback threads, prealigning threads throughout, stab-in and threaded tieback options, and metal sealing. The Centric 15 offers options including dual contralizaton, tieback testing capability, positive hanger lock-down, and annular sealing TA caps. The brochure includes drawings of the washout procedure, the split ring mudline hanger engagement sequence, tieback methods, mudline hanger detail, and temporary abandonment cap. Circle 63 on Reader Service Card.

Electromagnetic tool

Geoservices' Eletromagnetic MWD/LWD tool is now available with an extended range (ER) option. A patented device is used to increase the tool's depth range and reduce the signal attenuation caused by certain formations. Several ER jobs have already been performed successfully in Italy, USA and Canada, where the device was used to improve data reception quality in a very high-resistivity pay zone. It has also been used in a deep, horizontal, sour-gas well to a total measured depth of 3,852 meters with a bottom-hole temperature of 110^^C. Circle 64 on Reader Service Card.

Integrated service

Pipeline Integrity has launched a new integrated service for customers. For the first time, oil and gas operators will be able to access a cost effective rehabilitation service from one organization. The overall package, PipeCert(C) Integrated Maintenance, is tailored to customers exact requirements. PipeCert(C) includes risk management, audits of current operation and maintenance procedures, evaluation of corrosion prevention measures-including coating, cathodic protection and inhibitor, inspection, defect assessment and procedures for future maintenance.Circle 65 on Reader Service Card.

Data storage

Philips Laser Magnetic Storage offers an efficient and affordable solution to recent challenges in data storage technology. The new next compatible tape product (NCTP) drives are backward compatible with older tape technologies, allowing for faster retrieval of legacy data. NCTP's backward compatibility means significant cost and time savings for those involved in oil and gas exploration. Whether data collection or retrieval takes place on land or in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, NCTP provides capacity, speed, and ability to retrieve old exploration data. Circle 66 on Reader Service Card.

Target Software

Trimble Navigation announces the release of Target software version 2.10. The software covers added funtionality to both the Target: Structures and Target: Pile members of the family. With the release of Target software 2.10, some major enhancements to further support multiple platform support and the introduction of articulated structures are included. One of the immediate benefactors of these enhancements will be marine piling companies. Circle 67 on Reader Service Card.

Pipeline services

CRC-Evans, a manufacturer of equipment and supplier of services to the pipeline industry, has released a new brochure providing information on CRC-Evans and its capabilities including pipeline equipment, automatic welding, pipeline joint coating, rehabilitation equipment, coating plant systems and laybarge equipment. The brochure also introduces total project support, extra support provided to customers on projects from start to finish. Circle 68 on Reader Service Card.

Interactive catalog

RBI-Gearhart has released their new interactive catalog detailing their prodcuts and services. Along with a company profile, the catalog includes RBI bit features, Exclaibur technology and bit information. The interactive catalog illustrates bit size charts, bit types and specialty bits.

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Control modules

Detcon is now offereing the Model 10B and 12B Single Channel Control Modules for interfacing to the 400 or 600 Series Gas Sensors. Both models are inherently redundant control modules and accept a 4-20ma input as well as relay, 4-20ma and RS-485 (Modbus) outputs. The readout is a 2-1/2 digit LED display with additional LEDs used for fault and alarm indication. The Model 10B has three alarm relays- fault, low alarm, high alarm- and the 12B has an additional relay for a high-alarm setting.
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Seismic source

CGG Subseaco introduces the M2S-5000, a configurable marine seismic source designed for both OBS and conventional marine operations. It is an autonomous containersised source, which can be installed on most supply ships in less than two days. The source was designed to operate with a minimal crew and is the cutting edge in quality control and reliability. In this modular source, the volume and number of subarrays are adjustable, pressure is selectable, and it can abe used as a flip-flop or conventional source to meet client's requirements. Circle 71 on Reader Service Card.

Acid stimulation

CINC announces a new method of acid stimulation flowback treatment that is now being employed in the Gulf of Mexico. The process, called ConSep, is based upon separation in a new design of liquid-liquid centrifuge from CINC. The centrifuge is simple, direct and low maintenance design which is easy to operate and reaches equilibrium quickly. ConSep system benefits include prevention of system upsets, design for continuous flow, automated operation which reduces manpower required and minimal or no media replacement.
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