Ikon Science adds three new plug-ins for Petrel

Ikon Science now offers three new plug-ins for Petrel, developed on the Ocean platform.

Offshore staff

HOUSTONIkon Science now offers three new plug-ins for Petrel, developed on the Ocean platform.

The RokDoc Coloured Inversion plug-in for Petrel is a fully interactive technique to produce relative impedance interpretation volumes from reflection seismic for rapid visualization and interpretation of rock properties. Using the same algorithms as the full RokDoc software, it allows geoscientists to enhance data for visualization and interpretation. The QC tools compare the impedance response, the input seismic, and the inverted traces to ensure that the inversion is optimum.

The RokDoc Extended Elastic Impedance (EEI) plug-in for Petrel is an interactive tool for understanding reservoir lithology and fluid properties during exploration and early appraisal activities. Using the same algorithms as the RokDoc software and with all the necessary parameter guidance, interactive input and many QC tools, the EEI plug-in delivers a set of quantitative interpretation capabilities.

The RokDoc Rock Physics Workflow plug-in for Petrel is a workflow-driven approach to fluid substitution and seismic forward modeling, using well data to enable interpreters to make the best decisions about the selection of seismic-derived products for the interpretation of lithology and fluid effects. As not all changes in seismic amplitude are due to fluid effects, this workflow tool not only allows interpreters to determine the effects they may see at different angles/offsets in the presence of oil and gas, but it also helps avoid false effects caused by tuning, stratigraphic, or other changes.

“These three new plug-ins for Petrel add to Ikon Science’s offering ... delivering both the ease of use and high science worlds to Petrel interpreters, and giving more expert users access to the full RokDoc suite through our Petrel Interconnector,” said Martyn Millwood Hargrave, CEO of Ikon Science. “We have seen that the systematic use of RokDoc in conjunction with Petrel ensures a quantitative and rigorous quality assurance of interpretation, which, in turn, drives consistently better drilling and reservoir prediction.”


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