TGS, PGS to expand seismic coverage offshore Newfoundland

TGS and PGS will co-operate on a new 2D seismic survey offshore eastern Canada.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON– TGS and PGS will co-operate on a new 2D seismic survey offshore eastern Canada.

The Northeast Newfoundland Shelf 2D survey, covering 5,000 km (3,107 mi), is an expansion of a previously announcedsurvey off Newfoundland.

On completion, TGS will have a 25,000-km (15,534-mi) data bank over the region, covering developed fields and others under development such as Hibernia, Terra Nova, Hebron, White Rose, and Statoil/Husky’s recent Mizzen,Harpoon, and Bay du Nord discoveries.

The new survey will employ PGS GeoStreamer technology, with final data available to clients next summer.

This summer TGS completed acquisition of the 20,000-km (12,427-mi) NE Newfoundland Flemish Pass 2D project, after which the vessel started work on the 3,000-km (1,864-mi) Labrador Sea 2D Deep Basin survey, again under the joint venture with PGS.

Also during 3Q, TGS began acquiring2D seismic data in the Chukchi Sea of Alaska. On completion of this program in the current quarter, TGS will have 6,000 km (3,728 mi) of data over the area which will assist assessment of acreage ahead of scheduled licensing rounds, starting in 2016.

Recently, the company completed another 2D survey offshore northeast Greenland, spanning 7,000 km (4,349 mi). Here too the results will be available for future license round activity.

In the Barents Sea off northern Norway the company is close to completing this season’s acquisition of the 9,000-sq km (3,475-sq mi) Hoop Fault (HF13) 3D survey. On completion of the data set, TGS will have close to 20,000 sq km (7,722 sq mi) of modern 3D coverage over the prospective Hoop basin, where several successful exploration wells have been drilled.

The company has additionally completed an 8,700-km (5,406-mi) 2D survey in the North Sea offshore Denmark, which will be offered to bidders evaluating acreage that is set to be offered for tender in late 2013.

Ahead of the UK’s 28th seaward licensing round, TGS has started a 2,420-sq km (934-sq mi) 3D survey over the Rona Ridge area of the West Shetland basin.

Elsewhere, the company concluded completed acquisition of a 9,200-km (5,716-mi)2D survey offshore Sierra Leone, bringing its 2D coverage off the country’s coast to 15,000 km (9,320 mi).


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