North Sea Sleipner partners offer findings to CO2 portal

Feb. 5, 2020
CO2 DataShare has opened a web-based digital portal for sharing reference datasets from carbon dioxide storage projects.

Offshore staff

TRONDHEIM, Norway – CO2 DataShare has opened a web-based digital portal for sharing reference datasets from CO2 (carbon dioxide) storage projects.

The intention is to help researchers and engineers improve their understanding, reduce costs, and minimize uncertainties associated with CO2 storage.

CO2 capture, transport, and storage (CCS) involves capturing CO2 emissions from large industrial complexes for transportation through pipelines or on ships, for subsequent storage in deep-lying subsurface rocks.

The Sleipner Group in the Norwegian North Sea, comprising operator Equinor and partners ExxonMobil, LOTOS Exploration and Production Norge and KUFPEC Norway, have made available the portal’s first two data-sets. These comprise:

  • The Sleipner 2019 benchmark model, featuring a simulation grid with associated data, designed for advanced modeling tools and to further understanding of CO2 flow dynamics.
  • The Sleipner 4D seismic data covering 14 years of subsurface injection into the Sleipner reservoir and six repeated seismic sets. Base line data complied prior to the start of CO2 injection started will also be released.

“Sleipner is perhaps the best know CCS project in the world,” said Philip Ringrose, a geoscience specialist at Equinor, “but there is still much to be learned from it.

“I hope this new release of seismic and reservoir data will allow new insights to be gained on this long-running CO2 injection project. Especially, we hope to calibrate the next generation of dynamic flow models against this reference case.”

The CO2 DataShare project was established in 2018 to accelerate the deployment of CCS by providing open access to CO2 storage data.


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