Dana makes oil discovery at East Rinnes

May 12, 2008
Dana has discovered the East Rinnes oil field in block 210/24a in the UK northern North Sea.

Offshore Staff

LONDON -- Dana has discovered the East Rinnes oil field in block 210/24a in the UK northern North Sea.

The company found the West Rinnes oil accumulation just 5 km (3.1 mi) from the Dana-operated Hudson producing oil field and 2.5 km (1.5 mi) from the company's Melville oil field. East Rinnes is the fourth oil field under Dana's operatorship in this area of the northern North Sea.

The East Rinnes discovery well, 210/24a-11z, was drilled to a total measured depth of 6,935 ft (2,114 m) and encountered a full Brent reservoir sequence, according to Dana. A comprehensive set of electric wireline logs has been acquired including pressure data and oil samples.

Initial analysis indicates that the East Rinnes oil is similar to the high quality crude discovered at West Rinnes and to that being produced by Dana at the nearby Hudson oil field. Given the similarity in reservoir quality and oil characteristics to West Rinnes, which flowed at an equipment restricted rate of 7,800 b/d, the East Rinnes well is not being drill stem tested as the company has already gathered sufficient data to fully evaluate the discovery.

The East Rinnes well, which targeted a separate fault block from the adjacent West Rinnes discovery, found excellent quality sands in the Lower Brent reservoir sequence with the Upper Brent less well developed, Dana says. According to the company, the next step is to integrate all the log, pressure, test and fluid data collected from the West Rinnes and East Rinnes wells. Dana's technical team will then reinterpret the seismic data using this new well information and remap the two structures to determine the volumes of oil discovered in this area so far and to examine the additional prospects for drilling. As part of this process, the development options for the West Rinnes, East Rinnes, and Melville oil fields will be evaluated and optimized.