Peter Tang Singapore COOBC's Bo Hai QHD wells. JVPC's Vietnam Block 15-2 wells. Indonesia's Irian Jaya Wiriagar Deep #2.

Peter Tang

China activity increasing, more appraisals, test wells

In the Bo Hai Gulf, COOBC's appraisal well QHD 32-6 #3 has so far tested a maximum of 575 b/d of 16° API oil from a depth of 1200 meters. Testing is currently continuing. Meanwhile, using the Bo Hai-7 jackup, wildcat CFD 18-2E #1 was spudded on 21 October and is now drilling ahead oat 560 meters. The well is designed to test a basement play in an easterly extension of the prospect drilled by BP in 1994. BP abandoned the well in July of last year after it tested 145 b/d from a 23 meter section.

Chinese state affiliate CONHW now has four wells active in the South China Sea. In the Pearl River Mouth Basin, wildcat WC 8-3 #1 was spudded on 22 October and is currently drilling ahead at 805 meters, towards a PTD of 3,500 meters. Yinggehai Basin wildcat LT 1-1 #1 was spudded on 5 October and is now drilling ahead, while further south in the same basin appraisal well LD 15-1 #4 was spudded on 15 October and is now at a depth of 1,497 meters. In the Beibu Bulf, WZ 10-3W #1 has tested an undisclosed amount off gas in another program.

On 28 September, Esso announced that it had decided to fully relinquish PSCA's 39/11 and 40/01. The first was awarded to Esso and Shell (as 50% partners) on 23 August 1983 and was last drilled in early 1995 without proving commerciality. The other was signed in November 1985. Esso has drilled 16 wells and invested $106 million in the two PSCAs.

An official release from CNOOC indicates that on 24 October, the first gas was produced from Arco's Yacheng 13-1 Field in PSCA 50/35. Some 200Mcf were sent to test the equipment at Qingshan Power Plant, Hong Kong. Full production is scheduled for January.

First production on the Xijiang 30-2 Field commenced mid-October 1995 at an initial rate of 20,000 b/d oil and is expected to rise to 60,000 b/d in two years. The combined annual production target from it and Xijiang 24-3 will be approximately 12 million bbl, with estimated reserves at 45 and 50 million bbl each. Total investment is $600 million. Phillips is the operator (12.25%), with Shell/Pecten (47.75%) and CNOOC (40%) partners.

Vietnam continues on upswing

Shell has withdrawn from Pedco-operated Block 11-2 in the South Con Son Basin. the revised interest holdings between the remaining Korean partners have not been revealed. Meanwhile, Idemitsu has fully relinquished Block 102/91 in the Red River Basin of the Gulf of Tonkin. The tract was signed under production sharing terms in June 1992. PetroVietnam has announced that it is ready to negotiate with BHP for a revised PSC for Block 05-1 (W) which contains the Dai Hung Field.

Petronas has announced its 01-P #1X in Block 01 in the Mekong Basin flowed at a cumulative rate of 2,741 b/d liquids and 16.8 MMccf/d gas from five DSTs.

Meanwhile, in the same Block 01-B #3X (ST) on the Ruby Field has reached a TD of approximately 4,220 meters in basement. DSTs are set to be conducted but none in the basement section. On the Topaz prospect 01-R #1X has now reached a depth of 1,615 meters.

Elsewhere in Vietnam, JVPC is reported as logging in 15-2-RD #2X (ST) in Block 15-2 in the Mekong Basin. DSTs are expected to be undertaken. In Block 05-1B MJC's 05-1B-TL #2X is drilling ahead below 4,000 meters. Casing was set at 3,895 meters.

Thailand signs accord for Tantawan gas delivery

PTT has finalized an accord with Pogo Producing Company for longterm gas supply from its Tantawan Field in B8/32 in the Gulf of Thailand. The contract involves pumping 100 MMcf/d gas from the field, located some 150 km off the southern province of Surat Thani, for 30 years starting in 1997. Annual value of the gas sales is estimated at 1.85 million baht. Estimated proven reserves in the structure are 0.3 Tcf.

Another discovery in Malaysia/Thailand JDA

In Block B-17 in the Malay Basin CPOC's Muda #1 has been abandoned after testing an aggregate flow of 70 Mmcf/d gas and 726 billion BCPD from five DSTs. A TD of 2,323 meters was reached. The well is located approximately 200 km northeast of Kota Baru. This represents the third discovery in the JDA this year.

Indonesia's important Wiriagar Deep being tested

In the Berau PSC in offshore Bintuni Basin of western Irian Jaya, Arco's important wildcat Wiriagar Deep #2 is now testing after reaching a TD of 2,979 meters. The well is located in 48 meters of water and is being drilled by the Deep Sea Ice drillship, some 15 km southeast of the Wiriagar Deep #1 location. No results have so far been made available.

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