Skarv offshore mid-Norway enters gas blowdown phase

April 28, 2022
Aker BP has started gas blowdown from two reservoir segments at the Skarv Field in the Norwegian Sea.

Offshore staff

LYSAKER, Norway — Aker BP has started gas blowdown from two reservoir segments at the Skarv Field in the Norwegian Sea, following nine years of gas injection to produce the oil reserves.

Blowdown forms part of the approved drainage strategy for the Skarv plan for development and operation (PDO) and is taking place two years later than originally planned.

It should lead to increased take-up of available gas processing and export capacity from the Skarv FPSO and Åsgard pipeline transport system, with increased volumes of gas available for export to markets in Europe.

In its latest results statement, Aker BP added that drilling for the Skarv Idun Tunge project is due to start in the second half of the year, while preparations continue for the Skarv Satellites project (Ørn, Shrek, Idun Nord and Alve Nord). PDOs should be submitted before year-end.

Tieback projects

At Ivar Aasen in the North Sea, the partners have approved the 2022 IOR drilling campaign. The Hanz tieback secured approval from the authorities in March, and the project is now in the execution phase, with first oil expected in first-quarter 2024.

The partners in the Lille Prinsen discovery have also approved Ivar Aasen as the tieback host. Work continues on a concept select decision, with a view to sanctioning the project by the end of 2022.

At the Alvheim area of the North Sea, the two-well drilling campaign on Frosk should get underway this summer, followed by a subsea tieback campaign and first oil early in 2023.

Offshore execution work on Kobra East & Gekko (KEG) began in January with a boulder removal program to prepare for installation of the new pipelines, scheduled for this summer. First oil is due in first-quarter 2024.

Another Alvheim tieback project is Trell & Trine (T&T). The PDO should be submitted this summer, with pipelay set to start in 2023, enabling drilling of the T&T wells in direct continuation of the KEG drilling campaign. First oil is slated for early 2025

Southern Norwegian North Sea projects

In the southern Norwegian North Sea, production at Ula was impacted recently by a 35-day shutdown on the Tambar Field following component failure on a wellhead and by well shut-ins at Ula. Maintenance activity in the current quarter should improve production efficiency at both fields.

Production from the Oda satellite also had to be shut in for 14 days in March for drilling of a new sidetrack; this should boost Oda production next month onward. Otherwise, the Ula Power Project is progressing, with commissioning of the third and final generator completed.

Finally, Maersk Invincible will shortly drill an additional infill well on Valhall Flank West in the same region. Maersk Integrator has replaced Maersk Reacher at Valhall, and it will support stimulation and intervention activities.