Noble jackup to drill at Valemon offshore Norway

Sept. 8, 2020
Noble Corp. has issued an update on its offshore drilling rig fleet.

Offshore staff

LONDON Noble Corp. has issued an update on its offshore drilling rig fleet.

In the UK North Sea, Equinor has extended the contract for the jackup Noble Lloyd Noble to late November 2020, plus a two-month option.

Also, Equinor has awarded the Noble Lloyd Noble a three-well contract in the Norwegian North Sea. The contract is expected to run from June 2021 to January 2022. It includes 12 one-well options. According to Equinor, the jackup will drill at the Valemon gas/condensate field.

The total value of the day rates for the fixed part of the contract is estimated at about $51 million. Additional cost includes integrated services such as managed pressure drilling, treatment of cuttings and wastewater as well as running casing and tubing, further rig modifications, mobilization, and demobilization.

Esso has awarded the drillship Noble Sam Croft a new six-month contract offshore Guyana. It is expected to run from early January 2021 to early July 2021. This contract was awarded under the commercial enabling agreement established with ExxonMobil for Guyana earlier this year.

Esso has also exercised a one-well option for the jackup Noble Tom Prosser offshore Australia. The jackup was on standby from April 9, 2020 through July 11, 2020.

The day rate for the jackup Noble Roger Lewis has been reduced to $139,000 from April 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021. The rig is under contract with Saudi Aramco.

In addition, the jackup Noble Regina Allen’s contract with BHP offshore Trinidad and Tobago is expected to start later this month.