CGG GeoSoftware updates Jason reservoir characterization software

CGG GeoSoftware has launched Jason 9.5, the latest version of its reservoir characterization software.

Offshore staff

PARISCGG GeoSoftware has launched Jason 9.5, the latest version of its reservoir characterization software. New capabilities include depth inversion, broadband reservoir characterization, and anisotropic inversion.

These additions build on and improveJason’s technology, which reveals reservoir facies and rock property information required for drilling and reservoir development decisions, CGG said.

A new product in version 9.5 is Depth Inversion, which allows the direct use of depth seismic in well tie, wavelet estimation, and inversion processes to deliver results calibrated to well depths. The unique technology in Depth Inversion and in the Jason Workbench combine to allow inversion of depth volumes to be performed in time using Jason’s RockTrace technology, for a scientifically robust solution to depth inversion.

New broadband seismic reservoir characterization workflows take advantage of the latest broadband seismic data available to deliver improved identification of reservoir facies and rock properties. In addition, CGG said that Jason 9.5 helps users gain the most value from their multicomponent seismic data through probabilistic estimates and advanced geostatistical inversion for fine details. Another Jason product, Anisotropic Inversion, has more constraint options added for improved anisotropy property estimates calibrated to well control, crucial for model accuracy, effective well design and optimum production.

Kamal al-Yahya, senior vice president, CGG GeoSoftware, said: “Innovative multi-disciplinarygeoscience software are needed more than ever in today’s challenging climate to help E&P companies extract maximum value from their existing workflows, environments and investments. Jason 9.5 offers specific new capabilities that address our clients’ needs as well as many new usability updates to enhance the user experience and reduce mouse button clicks.

“This release offers leading-edge reservoir characterization technologies to optimize well productivity,field development, and reservoir management.”


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