OTC 2015: Prescriptive, predictive analytics drive GE Marine’s SeaStream Insight

At the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, GE Marine launched SeaStream Insight, powered by GE’s Predix platform.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON –At the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, GE Marine launched SeaStream Insight, powered by GE’s Predix platform. 

The system is designed to process data in a way that provides marine operators decision-making support. Critical data relating to the condition of individual components is collected from multiple existing networks across the vessel. This data is processed and translated into information to give the drilling contractor situational awareness that enables fast, data-driven decision-making, and to give confidence in the readiness for continued operation.

Designed to minimize downtime, Tim Schweikert, vice president GE Marine, explained to select reporters that SeaStream Insight provides something similar to an "x-ray version of the vessel to give an idea how the vessel is operating or where the problems are."

Optimally, he explained, downtime is reduced because the cycle time between identifying and resolving the problem is minimized.

“SeaStream Insight will address the challenge of reliability and predictability through data-driven operational efficiency enhancements using prescriptive and predictive analytics," he said.

It provides the drilling contractor, GE and third-party experts with visibility into the true state of the assets and allows them to see into the problem in real time.

"The idea is that we have full visibility of instruments on the vessel type," Schweikert said to reporters, adding that they are targeting a 0% unplanned maintenance through the use of the system.

SeaStream Insight system draws upon GE’s SmartSignal analytics capability. SmartSignal software can identify impending equipment failures well before they happen—often weeks or months before other systems. With this added lead time, operators can avoid surprise equipment failure. This predictive view of asset performance shifts the prescriptive (time-based) maintenance to predictive (plan-based) maintenance, further reducing downtime and helping to maximize customers’ revenues.


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