Osbit to engineer, construct offshore cable repair system

Nov. 28, 2023
N-Sea has contracted Osbit to supply equipment for repair and installation of offshore cables.

Offshore staff

RIDING MILL, UKN-Sea has contracted Osbit to supply equipment for repair and installation of offshore cables.

The system will be designed to support multiple cable specifications and rapid deployment, and to be easily mobilized and demobilized on various vessels of opportunity.

Osbit will provide a dual concentric carousel, a tower with loading arms, and an ergonomic power and control cabin.

The carousel, claimed to be the world’s first DNV-approved dual concentric modular system for cable repair, will be able to process two cables simultaneously in a split basket arrangement.

The arrangement will allow for independent control of these two partitions to rotate at different speeds, ensuring laying of bundled products at the same linear speed, or joined together as a larger single basket for repair or laying of AC export cables and inter-array AC cables.

According to the company, the tower and loading arm system, which will feed products in and out of the inner and outer partitions, will be designed to minimize its deck footprint, accommodating different vessel configurations and layouts.

It will be equipped with platforms, ladders and railings to provide safe personnel access for installation, inspection and maintenance.

The carousel and loading arm will be controlled and monitored from an operator cabin said to provide good operational visibility and incorporating monitors to display multiple camera feeds. The control system also can operate tensioners and deck winches.

A wireless control unit will allow the operator to control the equipment from the vessel’s back deck.

Osbit’s system will undergo engineering, construction and installation in Rotterdam, with delivery scheduled for early next spring.