WES, Orga collaborate on marine lanterns and supportive spares

May 18, 2023
Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES) renews a navigational aid partnership agreement with Orga.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN  Wellhead Electrical Supplies (WES) has recently renewed a partnership agreement with Orga, which allowed WES to upgrade its range of Tideland Signal marine lanterns and supportive spares.

Tideland Signal, part of the Orga Group, manufactures a wide range of aids to navigation such as marine lanterns, which are extensively used in the North Sea. The new agreement will allow existing navigation aids to be maintained and fully functional.

Orga’s products adhere to stringent global governing body regulations, such as the marine lanterns, which are designed to show the presence of offshore structures and vessels at night and in all environmental conditions. Orga’s marine lanterns provide 360-degree omnidirectional visual coverage up to a maximum of 15 nautical miles. Together with products such as foghorns, racons, control panels and remote power solutions, they form part of a broader navigational aids system.

With about 200 employees, Orga has offices across Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia. WES has been working alongside Orga for more than 25 years.