New online tool provides detailed flare data

April 20, 2021
Application integrates satellite imagery to provide country, company or field data.

Offshore staff

LONDON – Capterio has launched FlareIntel to bring greater transparency to global flaring in the oil and gas sector. The company says that the online tool allows users to dynamically explore flare data at both a country and facility level for the first time, and to understand their emissions impact.

FlareIntel uses satellite data to provide detailed insight into each of the world’s 10,000+ daily flares from 2012-2019 using the thermal anomalies associated with gas combustion. The company says that the tool integrates satellite imagery to give insight into flares and their surrounding environment.

The user can display country, company or field data in terms of volume of flared gas, the resulting potential revenue loss, and CO2-equivalent emissions (both in tonne terms, and in terms of the equivalent yearly CO2 emissions from an average US car) and make comparisons with existing company data.