Stolt to lay Tyrihans pipelines

Statoil to install export and injection pipelines between Tyrihans development and two of its platforms

Offshore staff

(Stavanger) Statoil has contracted Stolt Offshore to lay two large diameter pipelines next summer in the Norwegian Sea, between the Tyrihans oil and gas field and the Kristin platform. The contract, valued at over NOK 550 m, covers one line for the Tyrihans wellstream and one for gas injection, the latter supplied from the Aasgard B platform. Both platforms are around 45-km from the Tyrihans export point.

The wellstream line will comprise an outer carbon pipe and an inner stainless steel pipe, a first for Statoil. Laying will involve parallel installation of cables for direct electric heating, and mechanical protection. The gas injection line will be made of carbon steel. Tyrihans' reserves are estimated at 182 MM bbl of oil/condensate and 34.8 bcm of rich gas.


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